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Whether you’re doing it to adhere to quality standards or for safety reasons, it’s never a bad time to have your doors fitted with the right commercial door hardware. Exit devices can make a building so much safer just by being present on the door.

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Emergency Exit Device | Commercial Door Hardware

range in complexity from childishly simple to mind-numbingly complicated. With a panic bar in place, none of this matters when people need to get outside. They are normally placed on outswing doors, and they allow for the doors to be released straightforwardly.

You need only put pressure on the panic bar for it to open the door. That’s convenient enough under normal circumstances but imagine how well that works in emergencies. 

We at Canada Door Supply offer rim type, cross-type, and vertical panic bars to help meet whatever your unique needs may be. 

Most jurisdictions require some form of easy exit in any room or building where large gatherings may take place. That’s why it’s also important to have doors that swing outwards in such spaces. 

Remember that people who are exiting need to be free to leave easily. The combination of an outwardly swinging door and one of the stellar panic bars in Toronto that we offer should make for a comfortable experience for your guests. 

If you are concerned about safety standards and building codes, we would advise you to refer to your local jurisdiction for information. While the International Code Council is responsible for establishing the criteria for exit devices, local lawmakers are responsible for adopting these recommendations into law.

Regardless of what you may find, Canada Door Supply has you covered where panic bars in Toronto are concerned.

Panic Bars Toronto | Exit Devices
Door Closers

Door Closers

Apart from exit devices, such as panic bars in Toronto, Canada Door Supply also has an enchanting assortment of door closers for your needs. These devices are meant to close your door in a slow, controlled motion while generating enough force to ensure that it latches.

Door closers come in different variations. You could get a floor concealed door closer, an overhead door closer, or an adjustable door closer. Regardless of which alternative you want, our catalog of products can take care of your needs very well.

We know that customization is very important to you, which is why we offer options that allow you to modify your swing speed, latching speed, and backcheck adjustment.

Swing speed is a measure of how quickly the door can get to being almost completely closed from a fully open position. You never want your door to be too slow in motion, but you don’t want it to become dangerous with speed as well.

You may also have noticed that any door featuring a door closure moves much slower when it gets to the last few inches before closing. The latching speed is what determines how quickly the end of the motion runs.

Any door with a closer present still provides some level of resistance when opened past a certain point. It’s the backcheck adjustment that allows this.