Floor Concealed Door Closers BTS75


Floor Concealed Door Closers BTS75

Dependable and Versatile Floor-Concealed Closer

The BTS75V Series of floor-concealed door closers offer adaptability to almost any installation.

Floor Concealed Door Closers BTS75

The closer’s compact body permits its use where a larger closer would be prohibitive. Versatility allows installation in thin slab concrete subfloor construction. A wide selection of interchangeable spindles makes the BTS75V suitable for virtually any floor covering or threshold application.

Adjustable spring power from size 1 to 4 allows the necessary adjustment required for both barrier-free and non-barrier-free openings, giving ultimate installation flexibility.

Trouble-free performance under adverse climatic and traffic conditions makes the BTS75V floor-concealed closer dependable and a perfect choice for even the most rigorous applications.

For total control and uncompromising creativity for any door opening, specify a BTS75V floor-concealed closer.


Requires the following products

Cover Plate
Product no. CDCBTS757414
Characteristics | Function

105° Hold Open CDCBTS75105HO, 90° Hold Open CDCBTS7590HO, Non Hold Open CDCBTS75VNHO


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